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Let's start on a high note

For my first blog post, admittedly belated, I thought I'd share some exciting news I found out just this morning.

I have tossed up whether or not to enter the Marie Ellis OAM Drawing Prize for the last four years, each year telling fellow artists to enter and never doing so myself. This year I finally bit the bullet, complained about the meager cost, and submitted my Western Bearded Anole.

That was a few weeks ago.

Today, I found out that Mr Bearded Anole has been selected as a finalist!

Out of over-200 submissions, the judging panel rounded it down to 25. There will be an exhibition at the ever-cool, ever-inspiring Juggler's Art Space in August and the opening night falls two days before I fly out to the UK.

Is that fate or what? I am so so thrilled to be considered for the Drawing Prize and haven't stopped shaking since I found out the news. I'll keep this blog updated and hopefully post photos of the exhibition.

Western Bearded Anole

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