Amelia K Fulton Art

My art predominantly uses ink on paper, be that drawing or relief printing with forays into ceramics and digital art, fibre art and painting. I am most interested in creating with minute detail and folding moments of seeing more and noticing more, into the viewers’ experience. My art reflects and explores my awe and fascination of the natural world and explores the earth’s gentle mysticism and solemn intricacy that is birthed every day in the environments around us. It holds up a lens to the magic of intricate, perfect design and our relationship with it as the human race. Mythology and cultural beliefs play a large role in my relief printing practice while my pointillism is influenced more by realism, however both project a purposeful focus on the detailed, natural intricacies of living things. I endeavour to be intentional with the details I impress upon paper or build with my hands, using my art as a method for my own exploration and observation, more as an effort to spend time truly seeing the facets of environment, life and objects.

I am an Australian, queer visual artist living and working in the United Kingdom. My art communicates both my external interests and my emotional landscape through various media, such as pointillism, digital art, ceramics and fiber art. 

My artistic practise began back in 2012, where pointillism was a mental exercise that I challenged myself with as a means of catharsis and a type of meditation. Instead of expressing freeness and wildness within my art like so many artists do and are told to do, I rather strived to use art as a method of feeling in control; less of an expression as a ritual.

My digital practise is new as of 2019 and is a direct opposition of the aforementioned control issues. Digital art is more freeing, I can make mistakes without calamity and have more freedom with colour and style. It has been the balance that I needed in my artistic practise.


2020 has seen my work published in Vogue's World of Interiors, Capsules Drawn 4. volume and the Shropshire Arts and Crafts Finalists Exhibition.  In October 2019, I was awarded second place at the Thoresby Hall Courtyard & Gallery open call exhibition for my piece Western Bearded Anole. My work was also selected to appear in the November/December issues of the Average Art Magazine, A5 Art Magazine and Wot is Art? Magazine, 2019. I was nominated as a finalist in the Marie Ellis OAM Drawing Prize for 2017. It was an honour to be a part of the final 25 artists' exhibition at Juggler's Art Space. 2018 then saw my piece Spoonwing Antlion selected as a finalist in the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize and subsequently shown for a month at the Noosa Regional Gallery.


Also in 2018, my sister Claire and I held our debut joint exhibition at Juggler's Art Space, throughout April and May. The exhibition, Kin, is written about in my blog and images are here.

​I have exhibited with RAW Artists, Zion, Vena Cava, Yonder Festival and MetroArts and recently Thoresby Hall Gallery in the UK. I have held stalls at various markets and have sold works privately, with steady commissions since 2014. 

I love meeting new people and discussing ideas so please don't be shy and get in contact.

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