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In December 2021, I attended the Dark Skies Wild Seas artist residency hosted by Mayes Creative at Coverack, Cornwall. Discover the inspiration, work and reflections on this incredible week below. 

Paintings as a direct response to the residency can be viewed here.

Residency mission

Taking the theme of ‘Dark Skies, Wild Seas’ we consider the stories of stars and the wild coastline of the Lizard Peninsular, looking at how people have lived and worked this special landscape since prehistory using and enjoying the ancient night skies and sea connectivity that we can experience today.


Piggy-backing on the 100 Snapshots paint series begun in October 2021, this residency will lead to new paintings, dot-works and photography and film works in response to the exploration of the wild coastline. 

Outcomes from the other residency artists can also be seen in the Mayes Creative publication

Dark Skies Wild Seas.

Coverack Beach


Upon reflection of Coverack, this residency and the work growing from the experience...

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