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Kjærrahvalen Wood Firing

June 21 - 15 July


In June I will be travelling to the south of Oslo to take part in a three week wood firing. I've made lots of pots and sent prayers to the pottery and kiln gods that they survive my suitcase being thrown about. 


My initial feelings are of extreme excitement and thrill at what to expect. I'm eager to experience the landscape, the language, the community feeling and learn as much as possible. We'll be using ash glazes, learning how to stack the kiln, using wadding we're both making and from foraged seashells and taking shifts to stoke and observe the fire for 7 days. 

I am also very daunted. I have some experience travelling on my own, however mostly through English speaking countries. I know most Norwegians speak excellent English, nevertheless I'm daunted. I have to find my way from Oslo airport to this national park and have no idea really how to do that, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Trusty Google will sort me out. Another reason I'm overwhelmed and daunted is the three-weeks of close-quarter living (camping really) and socialising. I'm an introvert with a quick-to-run-out battery so I'm hoping there's chances to walk and swim and be on my own without being rude. 

This page will be updated post-trip. 

Wish me luck.







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