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Kin exhibition


Setup day was wild. Claire actually did most of the work with her friend Taylah (SHOUT OUT YOU'RE AMAZING), throughout the Thursday before our opening on Friday night. They delivered, hung, measured and framed virtually all the work so by the time I arrived at the gallery, it was like stepping into the final product!

We spent a few hours there that night, moving, leveling and stringing a few more frames up, but overall I must say, Claire was the true curator of the show.

Finished set up!

The next day was opening! I got half the day off work and spent the afternoon getting ready and heading in to the show with nibblies, final stock sheets and price labels. When we got there, the gallery owner and manager were there and suggests a few minor rearrangements which we were grateful for, they really made the place feel that bit more professional.

It got to 6.30 and people started arriving! We were thrilled that everyone showed up, we didn't stop talking and laughing and hugging people all night! People from YEARS ago showed up who I hadn't seen since high school, people off the street came in and of course loads of family and friends who gushed about the art as much as we gushed about their support.

It truly was a magical night. Our parents brought us flowers, we lost our voices, it was so busy you had to push through crowds and we both made sales on the opening night. Now it's time to plan the next one!

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