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I think I've found a new niche subject I'd like to explore.


I've recently completed two new pieces; Emperor Moth and Threadwing Antlion, which have reinforced my love of insects. I have previously dotted a dragonfly and found it so rewarding and I keep seeing more incredible insects online that I can't wait to draw. *thank you Pinterest*.

I've had an obsession with cicadas too, if you hadn't noticed. I feature them in my brand/logo, in a few artworks and will one day, hopefully, get a tattooed cicada. They have an incredible legend and history attached to them - I advise checking them out! So I suppose I've always had an insect love, but with the age of visual media and the saturation of photo-based feeds, I've been able to explore this love and find a deep passion for the Ectognatha class.

@insecthausI've also been totally enthralled by the Instagram account which has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of out-of-this-world insects. I always prided myself on being pretty informed about the natural world *thank you David Attenborough* but, my lord.... the bugs out there really are mind blowing and I've learned so much in the last year.

I can't wait to explore more texture, surfaces, patterns and wings with dots, challenging myself to do totally black surfaces and totally transparent wings.

Alongside my endangered species series, I'll definitely be getting buggy. Watch this space!

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