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Norway Bound: Ceramics adventure in the wilderness

I am SO excited to be writing this. I've secured a place on the Kjaerrahvalen kiln firing of 2024. That means, come summertime, I'll be flying into Oslo and travelling into the wilderness to fire a massive wood-fired kiln with ceramics I and other participants have made!!

It's both overwhelmingly daunting and a dream come true. I have my packing list on the fridge and am making lots of plans for what I'll make and pre-fire before bringing them to Norway for their final firing. I'm lucky the clay I use is capable of withstanding the wood-fired temperatures and can't wait to see how glazes etc. behave in the wild environment.

I have to forage for shells to place under the pots I bring, so that's on my agenda for the next few months, as well as making for galleries, commissions and markets. It's going to be a big year.

Stay tuned for a Norway residency update!

A large whale-shaped kiln outdoors under some shade
The Wood Fired Kiln in Norway


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