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Critical Series

Well I've already failed Inktober. I did not commit the time necessary and now it's the last day of the month! What a fail. But new projects are on the horizon. After I finish the moth I began recently, I've decided to commit to a new series. It'll take me an incredibly long time, but it's something I'm passionate about and something I want to get a lot of media attraction because it's such an important issue.

I want to do pointillist works of Australia's endangered animals. Australian Geographic has a comprehensive list of birds, reptiles, mammals and more, that are critically endangered and I want to take the time (hours and hours) to dot each one and raise awareness for these incredible animals.

I'm excited to be able to commit to a series like this and excited to have a purpose for the art. Perhaps an exhibition, perhaps a big sale. We'll see where we go with it!

Who knows when I'll finish, but here we go!

The Regent Honeyeater

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