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Press Releases

A funny thing happened the other day; an exhibition (14 October) I am a part of sent out a press release to media outlets etc. which is normal and whatever, just a press release. But I was listed as the second featured artist. That might not sound like a big deal. But the headliner (the guy with the most media attention and accolades) shared a sentence with me!

Small wins, and maybe a bit vain, but it felt big and I was super chuffed. It didn't hit me until recently that the Marie Ellis Drawing Prize finalist position actually means something and that my presence online etc. has all counted.

Slow and baby steps, but it's really rewarding to see something like that. Confidence boost - check! Pressure on - check!

The exhibition that the press release was about is the annual Hillsdon Artshow. A little kindy in Brisbane's inner suburbs puts on a show every year and my boss suggested my name to the committee and here we are.

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