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Original Sale

I sold an original the other day and it felt like a milestone! I've sold originals before, but this time it felt different, it was a proper commission process and and the sum reflected (though much more discounted than it should have been) the fact that I'm a visual artist now.

When doing art for family friends, it's hard for me to charge full rates. I ended up working for $15 per hour, which is quite ludicrous really in the art world, but I'm more than grateful for the opportunity to both expand my portfolio but also add to my sales record. The next commission perhaps

I'll move up to $20 an hour until we're at proper rates, but for now I am thrilled with a sale, thrilled with my clients' reaction to the piece and thrilled to take the next step into professional artistry!

The piece I sold can't be published online yet as it's a surprise birthday present and I said I wouldn't post it until it was given, in just a few weeks' time.

Here's to the next!

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