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Amelia; A History


I was born in Adelaide, Australia, and have lived in WA, VIC, NSW and QLD. Most of my growing up was done in country NSW on a property for my late childhood and then in Brisbane for my teen to adult years.

My home for 4 years as I grew up. Kelso, NSW

How did the art start?

Our property was probably one of the most influential parts of my life and my practice as an artist. I was taught from a very young age to value the natural world and to find wonder in small intricacies. My father studied biology and botany and taught my siblings and I about the native plants and animals of Australia, and my mother worked for doctors so taught us about the human body and the intricacies of our own miraculous life and health.

We then moved to Brisbane and I followed in my sister's footsteps, choosing all the same subjects as her in school; Art, Biology and Japanese. Japanese culture and art has definitely influenced me and my style, though not so much as my sister, Claire (also a visual artist). The three subjects I chose are all evident in my artistic practice, biology in my pointillism and Japanese culture and art in my line-art.


I studied Interior Design at university for two years which taught me to visualise more effectively and to journal development and inspiration. It taught me to pay attention to fine detail and that expression and experimentation are just as important as the final product. I then dropped out of Interior Design when we turned to computers over pen and paper.

I moved onto a degree in Journalism and Public Relations. Writing was my other passion at school, so I figured I would never make it as an artist so I'll use my other passion as a career. I work full-time now in the Marketing and Communications sphere and love it.

Inspiration & Motivation?

My favourite artists (to name a small few) are James Jean, Alphons Mucha (I won a trip to Prague to see his gallery!), Dani Shinya Luo, J.A.W Cooper, and Russell James.

My motivation as an artist, I suppose, is to create things that move people, that inspire people, that provoke thought, evoke emotion or start a discussion.


My life goal (though I cringe at the term) is to own/run a gallery to support upcoming or disadvantaged artists. I envisage an eclectic mix of art, music, installation/sculpture with greenery, books, coffee and dogs. Essentially a space that holds all of my passions and can provide inspiration, opportunity and passion for others.

Fun Facts!

I collect scarves, have a chug (chihuahua x pug) called Clancy and have an obsession with foxes :)

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